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It's a Danger to Give Baby Food Using a Milk Bottle

Giving milk, formula milk, or water to babies using a bottle of milk is actually okay. However, you need to know that this habit can be dangerous for babies, you know. Come on, identify what are the dangers and how to safely provide baby food using a milk bottle. Milk bottles are widely used because it is more practical, can be used to provide breast milk (breast milk) to babies even if the mother is working or can not breastfeed directly, and can measure breastfeeding or milk (formula milk). Even so, the use of milk bottles can be considered dangerous for babies, if not done carefully. Various Dangers of Giving Baby Food Using Milk Bottles Here are some of the dangers that may occur in infants due to consuming food through a bottle of milk: Overeat Instinctively, babies who suckle directly on their breasts are more able to measure hunger and satiety. Babies who suckle directly on their breasts will usually stop breastfeeding immediately when they feel full. However, it is diff
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4 Benefits of Skin to Skin for Dear Babies Missed

Some parents may be familiar with hugging their babies using the skin to skin method. The method, also called the kangaroo method, is widely applied. This is because there are indeed many benefits of the skin to skin method for baby's health. Skin to skin can be done by putting the Little One on your chest without being hindered by clothes, so that the skin is directly in contact with your skin. Skin to skin can be done when a new baby is born, or whenever you feel the need to do it. Although it's better to do it with parents, skin to skin can also be done by other family members who care for the Little One or by the caregiver. Various Benefits of Skin to Skin for Babies Some of the benefits of skin to skin for babies that are good for their health are: 1. Build inner bonds between parents and babies Skin to skin is one of the easiest ways to strengthen a baby's inner bond with his parents. When doing skin to skin, the baby will feel more safe and comfortable. 2. H

Braces Installation, These You Need to Know

Braces or stirrups are procedures performed to correct an untidy tooth structure or an abnormal jaw arrangement. If the teeth are neatly arranged and the jaw position is normal, automatic bites will be strong and a smile will look better. Unclean teeth and an abnormal jaw arrangement will make the process of chewing food not good. Not only that, if not handled properly, an untidy tooth or an abnormal jaw arrangement can cause tooth decay and injury to the muscles of the jaw, and can affect the shape of the face. The normal jaw arrangement is when biting, the upper teeth are slightly in front of the lower teeth, and the upper and lower molars must fit. Dental braces are usually done after most of the permanent teeth have grown, which is around the age of 12 years. However, problems with untidy teeth or misaligned jaws have begun to emerge when permanent teeth begin to grow, which is around the age of 7 years, so you should see a dentist (especially orthodontist / Sp.Ort specialist)