Braces Installation, These You Need to Know

Braces or stirrups are procedures performed to correct an untidy tooth structure or an abnormal jaw arrangement. If the teeth are neatly arranged and the jaw position is normal, automatic bites will be strong and a smile will look better. Unclean teeth and an abnormal jaw arrangement will make the process of chewing food not good. Not only that, if not handled properly, an untidy tooth or an abnormal jaw arrangement can cause tooth decay and injury to the muscles of the jaw, and can affect the shape of the face. The normal jaw arrangement is when biting, the upper teeth are slightly in front of the lower teeth, and the upper and lower molars must fit. Dental braces are usually done after most of the permanent teeth have grown, which is around the age of 12 years. However, problems with untidy teeth or misaligned jaws have begun to emerge when permanent teeth begin to grow, which is around the age of 7 years, so you should see a dentist (especially orthodontist / Sp.Ort specialist)…
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